-Came in 1st place out of 50 competing bands in the “Next Big Thing Tour” musical talent competition held in San Francisco, CA in December of 2011 for songwriting, stage presence, and musicianship.

-Nominated for “Best Pop/Rock” in the Modesto Area Music Association Awards (The MAMA's) in October of 2011.

-Nominated as finalists in the “Valley’s Got Talent” (Now "Valley Talent Project") all-talent competition held in Modesto, CA in August of 2011 and in August of 2012.

-First band to win “Best Band” award at the “Valley’s Got Talent” (Now "Valley Talent Project") all-talent competition held in Modesto, CA in August 2013.

​-Won “Best Pop/Rock” band in the Modesto Area Music Awards (The MAMA's) in 2012, 2015, and 2018.
​-Has opened for many artists, including Leo P., Daughtry, Daya, Greg Kihn Band, Weird Al Yankovic, Paul Reiser, and many others.
-Has 6 independent album releases available online.

The band's original music fuses the flares of all of their influential root-genres. Including, but not limited to: jazz, pop, rock, blues, r&b, funk, and folk. Josh writes all of the words and music for the project, but each musician involved is encouraged to use the jazz-mindset of improvising their own part.
The overall sound of the band can be compared to a fusing of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Tower Of Power, Dave Matthews Band, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and many more. The band rarely rehearses, allowing every performance to be as musically spontaneous as possible, but most importantly, we're just a bunch of musicians that love to groove!


The founding members (Josh Rosenblum, Cedric Jones, and Andrew Melendez) have been playing music together since their high school marching/jazz band days, which was when "JRB" started. The project was originally just a duo acoustic group with Josh and Andrew, until later adding Cedric. There was once a website called "Myspace" (...remember?) that played an integral part of getting Josh's original music and other indie artists' music noticed. After spending a few months uploading crude recordings to a Myspace music page, Josh began booking shows, opening for local artists (including his brother Andrew's band, which he also played in) and the ball finally started to get rolling. After a few years of climbing the ladders of their local Modesto/Central Valley scene, they gained notoriety of their own including opening for various world touring acts, winning local accolades, and spreading their original music with dozens of EPs. They used that motivation to turn the band into a travelling act. The band juggled originals music shows, weddings, private parties, etc. all over the area until Josh and Cedric decided to relocate the band to Southern California. The band now regularly tours the entire state of California (with the occasional out of state show) playing shows of every type in every environment. The band now also has 5 studio albums, and 2 live albums available online.
As long as there is sound, the band will continue to join others in spreading the gift of music, always, in all ways.